Heidi Klum always goes all-out for Halloween. She was teasing us with pictures of the process of fitting a full body mold a few weeks ago, now we see it was all worth it! 

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There's no telling just how much Heidi lays out for her Halloween costumes every year, but it's no small sum for Klum. Over the last few weeks, she's been teasing her fans on Instagram with shots of her being covered in molding material that would later be used to make her costume. Speculation was running wild about what her costume would be and would it top last year's.

Thank you @csiriano for my gorgeous #JessicaRabbit gown! #HeidiHalloween

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Well, she did it again this year by covering her face almost completely with prosthetics to dress as Jessica Rabbit.  (She's got a ton more pics on her Instagram page.)