It's common knowledge that 'everything's bigger in Texas,' but does that include ghost tales, too?

The short answer is yes. There are more than few unexplained phenomena in the Lone Start State, and one can be found in the Big Thicket north of Beaumont in town called Saratoga.

Originally known as Bragg Road, the eight mile drive has been re-dubbed 'The Ghost Road of Hardin County.' Found at a bend on FM 787 almost two miles north of the intersection of FM 787 and 770, the road lies in the heart of the Big Thicket. According to, trees on both sides of the road create a natural canopy.

The site goes on to explain that this eight-mile stretch was once a rail line. Trains travelled between Bragg and Saratoga carrying passengers and goods until 1934. When the oil boom and pine crop were no longer in demand, road crews pulled up the tracks and the right of way was purchased and converted to a county road.

There are many different stories associated with the light found on Ghost Road. One recalls Spanish Conquistadors looking for treasure, while another claims association with the Kaiser Burnout. A fire set by Confederate Captain James Kaiser to flush out the Jayhawkers who refused to fight with the Confederacy and hid in the Big Thicket.

A different tale of the light claims that the light is actually a man who lost his bride in a brutal murder while they were honeymooning at the Bragg Hotel, which was once located at the end of the road.

Another gruesome story related to the light claims that it is the body of railroad man who was decapitated in a train wreck looking for his lost head.

Whatever the truth may be, you can make your own determination. One group of guys decided to just that, and filmed their excursion and shared it on YouTube. Here's what one treck down the 'Ghost Road' looks like.

Will you see for yourself?

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