Have you met the Barn Door's permanent guest "Billy?" You might if you eat at the Barn Door Restaurant and get seated in the Pecos Depot.

The Pecos Depot was just that, a depot in Pecos constructed in the 1800s on the Texas-Pacific Railroad.

In 1950, the Pecos Depot was relocated to Odessa and in 1972 it became a part of the Barn Door Restaurant and fashioned into the bar area, meeting rooms, and extra dining areas for the restaurant.

After it became a part of the Barn Door, patrons started noticing odd things going on in the "old" new addition to the restaurant.

Some have just felt it, others say they have seen a man in a grimy hat, white shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes, that would be Billy.

The only thing people at the Barn Door know about Billy is that he was shot in the Pecos Depot when it was still a depot in Pecos and that he decided to relocate with the building when it was moved from Pecos.

Employees of the restaurant will not go into the Pecos Depot after midnight alone and especially in the executive room.

The employees have reported that they have set up the executive room for the next day's function and come in the next morning and find the place settings and chairs have all been moved, crumbs on the floor, and rings on the table where it looks like a drink has been set.

The only thing about the ring the glass leaves is that none of the glasses that the Barn Door uses fits the ring left by what employees assume is Billy's glass.

Here is a video from Permian Paranormal of an encounter with Billy back in 2015:

Local TV Stations have also done stories on Billy haunting the Barn Door Restaurant.

So if you want a haunting good meal, head over to the Barn Door Restaurant in Odessa and hang out in the bar and Executive Room in the Pecos Depot and say hi to Billy.



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