Does Harry Styles have new ink on his body? 

Sugarscape reports that eagle-eyed fans spotted a new tattoo on Harry Styles around his waistline during the opening show for One Direction's 'Where We Are' Tour which began in Columbia over the weekend.

Fans on Twitter are speculating over what the fern across his V-line on his body means, including coming up with a list of items that ferns can symbolize.

Meanwhile, in an interview with UK's The Sun, Harry jokingly gave dating advice to fellow bandmate Niall Horan after he moaned about being single.

"Get on Tinder," Harry quipped.

Hypothetically, if Niall did start using the popular social dating app, he wouldn't be the only celebrity on there: Katy Perry joked about using Tinder last week as well.

Directioners, what do you think about Harry's new tattoo? And would you like to see Niall on Tinder? (Nevermind, I think we know the answer to that one.)