The pandemic shut down a lot of things that we didn't know we would miss until they were gone, like samples at the grocery store. Well now the samples return to H-E-B this weekend.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, H-E-B confirmed on Wednesday June 2, 2021 that every location will offer samples again starting this weekend.

The pandemic caused H-E-B to cancel samples for health reasons and also so they could focus on getting essentials to customers.

Some stores have already started the sample cart back up last weekend probably as a test to see if it was going to still have the popularity it had before the pandemic, and it looks like it will.

Food tasting and even wine tasting will be back up and running this weekend at your favorite H-E-B store so get out there this weekend and enjoy those samples.

This just proves that the pandemic couldn't keep us down and with many people in the Permian Basin vaccinated now, we have lower COVID-19 infections and cases which makes the return of the things we loved and didn't realize how much we would miss seem even more important.

I plan on making a pilgrimage to H-E-B this weekend to see what tastes of Texas they have out on display for me and others to enjoy again for the first time in over a year.

Keep getting those vaccines especially if you have not gotten yours and we will slowly see things we have missed being brought back again after a year or more of being gone from our lives.

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