'Ciao? This is Pope Francis and I wanted to...' (click) 'Ciao? Hello? He hung up on me...'

Pope Franciscalled made phone call to a sick man in Italy last week to comfort him, but the guy assumed it was a prank call and HUNG UP on him.  So the Pope called back and the guy hung up on him AGAIN.  On the third call, he finally believed it was the Pope.

A Catholic man named Franco Rabuffi who lives in Italy was seriously sick. No word on how the Pope found out about him, but the Pontiff decided to call him and wish him well.

"Hello, I'm Pope Francis" . . . he assumed it was a prank call and HUNG UP.

The Pope thinking there was a bad connection, called back, but Franco hung up on him again. Finally, the Pope called a third time and then Franco finally believed it really was him. There's no word on how Franco's health has been since the call, but the Pope did invite him to the Vatican so he could tell him in person it really WAS him calling.

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