An enormous groundhog terrorized a New Jersey Little League complex, broke out of captivity after being captured and was still at-large on Tuesday. Really.

On Saturday afternoon in Bridgeton, N.J., some kids saw a groundhog on a parking lot near the Bridgeton Little League fields. When the kids tried to get a better look at the groundhog, it chased them across the street into the Little League game.

Umpire Brandon Dennis attempted to scare off the varmint, but the groundhog started chasing him. Bridgeton Little League President T. Carl Hemple attempted to help to no avail.

“Then he started chasing me,’’ said Hemple. “Man, was he big. He must have weighed 20 pounds.’’

The groundhog chased Hemple into his car, where the Little League official waited for police to save him. An officer eventually corralled the beast with a cage after it broke a restraining loop. After being taken to a local animal hospital for rabies testing, the groundhog broke loose sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. It was still at large as of Tuesday.

The two most amazing things about the groundhog-Little League story: no video was taken of the animal, which tells you how scared everyone really was. Also, at no point did any officer decide to just put the beast down. Maybe it was the presence of the kids, but when a groundhog the size of a school bus is chasing away grown men, couldn't someone argue that it was a matter of self-defense? Those poor kids are going to have groundhog nightmares for the rest of their lives. Hell, so are the adults.