Governor Greg Abbott is not helping his re-election campaign with the families of those murdered at Robb Elementary back in May, they formed a rally that took to the Texas Capitol this past weekend.

According to the Texas Tribune, March For Our Lives in part organized that rally with parents and family members of those that perished in the shooting at Robb Elementary on May 24.

Those family members made their anger apparent at the rally and called for the governor to limit access to firearms by anyone under 21 to prevent a future shooting. They also called for a special legislative session to address the lax gun laws attached to assault-style firearms.

Only Abbott can call the legislature into a special session and he is resisting those calls for the session after the Uvalde shooting.

His Democratic challenger for this year's governor's race, Beto O'Rourke, has also criticized him for not canceling a fundraising event for his reelection campaign scheduled the night after the shooting.

Uvalde residents made the three-hour trip to Austin to be a part of the rally after a ruling last Thursday by a federal judge in Fort Worth stating the barring of an adult under 21 from carrying handguns was unconstitutional, but he let the law stand pending an appeal.

Texas gun laws have only loosened after the state has had eight mass shootings in the past 13 years which is the main reason the rally was attended by those families and supporters of the shooting at Robb Elementary.

The Uvalde families are hoping that they will not have to stand with future parents of school shootings to demand action.







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