This past weekend, a staple in the Midland/Odessa area for over 60 years reopened after renovations and improvements.

According to CBS 7, the iconic mini golf course in Midland has finally re-opened after years of being closed and almost a year of renovations and improvements.

The renovations were made with the original course in mind so it just looks like the old course with a modern look.

There are some different things about it though, like a new retaining wall, a new kids playground, and it is more accessible for wheelchairs.

“I played this course growing up, and then I’ve played a bunch of other miniature golf courses as I’ve grown up, and they all get compared back to this course,” said Jeff Beard, a partner at Green Acres Mini Golf.

I have played many times at the old golf course and cannot wait to tee off on the 18 holes for the first time in 20 years or more.

The par for the course is 48 and the course record is 36, except for one unconfirmed claim by an employee who said they shot a 32.

All of the courses have been retained: The Beginning, Into the Valley, Castle, Horseshoe, Country Mile, Flower Box, Water Jump, Church, Roller Coaster, Around the Bend, Yuccaville, Windmill, Ant Hill, Long Nose, Gopher Hole, Football, Three Leaf Clover, and Log Cabin.

The hole I found to make a hole in one on the most was the Country Mile, so I am excited to go back and shoot the course at Green Acres.

If you want to make a reservation you can go to the Green Acres website.

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