If you were wondering like me what was being put in front of the Midland County Annex where the old service station used to be, it will be a veterans' memorial.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the project was approved in February 2018 and was scheduled to be completed and opened in six months, but that did not happen thanks to unforeseen setbacks and a pandemic.

But now the project is getting a good shot in the arm toward completion after Midland County Commissioners' Court approved $70,000 to complete the site with paving, fencing, and other work needed.

“I’m glad the Commissioners’ Court was amicable in putting money towards it,” said County Judge Terry Johnson. “I feel really confident that we can get it done.”

According to Johnson, the delay was mostly caused by commissioners wanting to pay for the project mostly on donations.

Then it was delayed because they had an issue getting all the names of the local veterans, but that issue has been resolved and the names have already been carved into the granite.

The memorial will have a 4 ft. wall with the veterans' names, flagpoles, pergolas, and pieces representing the military with easy access for people in wheelchairs.

The final part of the memorial will be closing off entrances that won't be needed and installing light fixtures for better visibility at night.

Gratitude Square will face the west lanes of Scharbauer Drive right in front of the Midland County Annex Building that is on the corner of 'A' Street and Scharbauer and is expected to be completed in the next 2-3 months.

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