We are warned almost everyday of the dangers of "Junk Food" you know fried foods, sugary drinks, salty snacks and heavily processed foods like white bread and lunch meats.  Eating these have been linked to many health problems like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It is ok to incorporate some of these foods into our diet. Some even have a few health benefits.


You will get about 45 extra calories from a fried egg than a poached egg. But eggs have health benefits, they are rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin D and selenium and frying doesn’t make them bad you just have to be sure to choose your frying oil wisely. Just be sure to use an unsaturated oil to fry with.

Food Inflation Continues To Increase With Eggs Costing 38% More Than A Year Ago
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Did you know the more cocoa that chocolate contains, the lower it is in sugar and the higher it is in antioxidants?  Dark chocolate has been shown to help reduce blood pressure. Very dark chocolate also has a surprising amount of fiber that helps to boost gut health – 5 squares has lots of fiber is almost like a small bowl of bran flakes.

Japanese Consumers Enjoy The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
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Red wine contains polyphenols which has been linked with a healthier, more diverse gut bacteria population, a 175ml glass of red wine which is approximately 2 alcohol units, provides 1.6mg iron, which is just over 10% of the daily recommended intake for adults.

2015 Jordan Cabernet Release Day Party
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Amid Uptick In Takeout Dining During Pandemic, Ketchup Packets In Short Supply
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Ok, maybe not french fries but we all deserve a cheat day once in a while right?

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