The 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the much anticipated video game 'God Of War: Ascension' doesn't feature any game-play. Instead the spot focuses on the back-story of the game's main character, tough guy Kratos.

Kratos was tricked into killing his wife and young daughter by the God of War Ares. In the game's trailer, a regretful Kratos imagines his family is still alive, only to see them to fade away into ash. According to the game's director, "God of War Ascension' will give players a glimpse into Kratos' human side. (Because you're probably wondering, the song in the trailer is 'Hanging On' by Ellie Goulding.)

'God of War Ascension''s Super Bowl commercial is likely to be highly confusing to all those outside the gaming world. Then again, those folks weren't going to buy the game when it hits stores on March 12 anyway.

Are you excited for 'God of War: Ascension'? Do you think such a narrowly targeted and cryptic ad is an effective marketing strategy for Sony, the game's publisher?