Any fan of Lena Dunham's HBO dramedy 'Girls' knows that the series has only just begun, two episodes deep into the second season and with two recent Golden Globes under its belt, but has Dunham already crafted a potential ending to the series? New comments from the creator/star indicate how the titular 'Girls' could wrap things up, plus news of a potential 'Girls'-type reality series inside!

Love it or hate it, there can be no denying that HBO's controversial comedy 'Girls' has caught fire. The network has yet to officially confirm a third season order, despite the fact that Dunham remains under contract as a writer for six years. And while it seems likely that 'Girls' will remain on the air for some time, Dunham recently spoke out about a potential ending to the series, among other topics discussed with '30 Rock' star Alec Baldwin on his podcast "Here's the Thing":

The ideal finale to the show would be a feeling like they don’t have to have kids, they don’t have to have husbands, but you look at them and you kind of go, 'They’re on their way; they’re more okay than they were when they started.' Or they’re less okay, but we have an understanding of what kind of adult we think they’re gonna be.

Of course, the impact that Dunham's 'Girls' have had on the TV scene has already begun to reverberate, as an unnamed "Emmy-Winning Reality TV Production Company" recently posted a Craigslist ad casting for a 'Girls'-type reality TV series, hoping to capture reality TV equivalents of the HBO drama's young, female Brooklynite cast.

It remains to be seen if anything official about the ad will come to light, but suffice to say, the 'Girls' world is here to stay for the foreseeable future. May all our hearts be monkey meat dragged along by fixed-gear bikes.

What say you? Do you like Lena Dunham's vision for eventually ending 'Girls?' Would you watch a reality TV series inspired by the premise? Check out the ad below, and give us your reaction in the comments!