If any confusion remains regarding Gigi Hadid and Zayn's current romantic status, one thing is clear: the "PILLOWTALK" singer has a vocal ally in the model, and Gigi made her support clear in a Twitter note posted last night (June 13).

In a reply to Zayn's candid June 12 admission that he'd canceled his Capital FM Summertime Ball 2016 appearance due to "suffering the worst anxiety of [his] career," Hadid praised his honesty and urged others to find the compassion to understand.

"Z - I've seen the battles you go through and the way you fight to get to a place that allows you to get up there for your fans. Your bravery in those times makes me proud, but your honesty last night proved what you're all about, being real. Human recognizes human," she began.

Zayn's anxiety, which by his own account is at least partly behind his lack of live performance support for his Mind of Mine solo debut, is a very real battle faced by many. Here in the United States, anxiety disorders affect 18% of the population — that's 40 million adults age 18 and over — according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). That makes it the most common mental health issue in the U.S., and one that can have a profound affect on one's personal and professional lives.

"You made the best of the situation and have given your fans the opportunity to understand you better as a performer," she continued. "Those who can find compassion now are the ones who deserve to watch you continue to grow. We are all here to support you and make each experience easier. Your talent and good heart will never lead you wrong. Love you and so proud of you always."

In Zayn's June 11 message to fans, the former 1D member wrote, "I know those who suffer anxiety will understand and I hope those that don't can empathize with my situation." Given the scattered negative responses to his announcement — and one Twitter user's "why don't you just text him?" reply to Hadid's note, it's clear that self-education is still in order for some, and that her public message of support doubled as a nudge in that direction.

If you'd like to learn more about anxiety disorders, their mental and physical effects, and avenues of treatment, visit NIMH for more information.

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