We were rained out of our live broadcast at Complex Community Federal Credit Union yesterday but now worries, we have rescheduled for today!

I shared on the Morning Show yesterday that when my daughter Meredith learned that by hard work he could make her own money to purchase things that she wanted. It was empowering and a joy to watch.

Lemonade Day uses the lemonade stand model of business to teach kids everything from start-up and business loans to stand presentation and customer service.  Lemonade Day is beyond plastic cups and powered lemonade mix being sold on a busy street corner.  It teaches kids the impact of a well thought out business plan, from how you’ll afford to start your business  through customer service.

Lemonade Day is about letting kids do something that is substantial and real – not just a way to past time on a summer’s day.  It allows them to DO something and to tell people about what they are doing and in years to come, tell the story of what they did.   They are given the power to DO--to create a product,  a vision, a brand and watch their product become a business. Lemonade Day makes it fun to be a business owner and kids will learn about profit, philanthropy, money management, getting along with others, customer services and more.

Come join us today at CCFCU at 52nd and JBS Parkway from 4-6PM TODAY!