Texas should not be affected by the gas shortage going on in the southeast portion of the country.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, gas supplies in Texas should remain the same as it has been without any shortage caused by the Colonial Pipeline hack.

Colonial Pipeline Co is the main supplier of gasoline in the eastern part of the country and it was forced to shut down after the hack.

“AAA expects areas from Mississippi and Tennessee to Georgia and Delaware to likely experience limited fuel availability and price increases of three to seven cents as early as this week,” said AAA Senior Public Affairs Specialist Joshua Zuber. “Other areas of the country will see little impact.”

GasBuddy says the pipeline situation will have no effect on Texas and are urging the public not to panic buy like what happened with toilet paper and paper towels last year when the pandemic hit.

If you are thinking of getting plastic bags to load up on gasoline, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning against that.

Remember, plastic is created out of petroleum so that means the gasoline will deteriorate the plastic bag if you use it to hold gasoline.

There is no need for panic buying in Texas and gas prices are not expected to go up too much now that the pipeline is back in operation and has been for the past day or so.

Be smart about when things happen and don't go overboard is the key to making sure there is no shortage anywhere and since Texas will not be affected by the pipeline hack, there is no need to panic buy here in Texas.

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