Gas prices in Midland leveled out this week while the rest of Texas saw increases in the price of gas.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the gas prices went up an average of 3 cents in 23 of the 26 larger metropolitan areas in Texas.

The average price stayed at $3.16 in Midland which is the second-highest price in the state behind El Paso at a whopping $3.41. Odessa dropped to $3.15 this week from its price last week of $3.19.

AAA Texas reported six communities with prices at $3.10 or over while the state average rose to $3.05.

The price of crude was around $82 which is down about 3%.

“To fill up an average size tank is costing $17 more compared to this time last year,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster in the weekly report. “There are many market forces that suggest pump prices may stay around these levels for a few more weeks, however, market analysts have noted a surprise build in national oil inventories which may provide some relief as we approach the Thanksgiving travel period.”

The rest of West Texas mostly saw increases except for Amarillo which saw a decrease of 3 cents to $2.91 and was the lowest price statewide.

Lubbock had a 4 cent increase to $2.96, San Angelo also had a 4 cent increase to put them at $3.05, and Abilene was up 1 cent to $3.08.

The national average sits at $3.40 which is 1 cent lower than the highest market in the state, El Paso.

Prepare because prices are not forecasted to go much lower over the Thanksgiving holiday in a few weeks.

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