If you think you are paying a lot for gas in the area, you are right, Midland and Odessa are averaging about 30 cents higher than the state average.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, AAA Texas reports that the average price of gas in Midland is $2.88 and Odessa sits at $2.84 while the average in the state is about $2.57.

The other larger metropolitan areas in Texas are all averaging gas prices below $2.70 and 23 of the 27 other larger metropolitan areas had declines in gas prices while Midland and Odessa remained unchanged from last week.

“Texas has the lowest statewide gas price average in the U.S. this week,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “Fuel prices may be lower here than any other state, but they’re also 99 cents more per gallon, on average, than what Texas motorists were paying one year ago.”

AAA Texas reported the U.S. demand for gas increased to nearly 9 million barrels per day, that is the highest demand since August 2020 when demand went over 9 million barrels.

Averages in West Texas were as follows:

  • San Angelo - $2.69
  • Abilene - $2.64
  • Lubbock - $2.41
  • Amarillo - $2.41
  • El Paso - $2.91

Since last year gas prices have increased $1.04 in Midland, and $1.14 in Odessa which is more than the state average increase of $0.99.

Since January 1, average gas prices have increased around $0.80 in Midland/Odessa while the state average increased only $0.63.

The National average for gas is $2.86.

This is the highest gas prices we have seen since the pandemic began when gas prices got as low as $1.50 at one point.

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