Super Bowl ads often employ a familiar algorithm: Beloved pop culture noun + beloved pop culture noun = Entertainment. That equation isn’t always successful (see also: Passengers), but that hasn’t stopped studios and businesses, like, from trying it out. The company has tapped Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, and Jason Statham, aka Badass Action Dude, for their Super Bowl ad, which just so happens to be the first of this year’s bunch.

So, does that equation work out here? Not really, but if anything, the ad makes us curious to see what it would be like if Gadot and Statham partnered for a feature-length action flick — maybe an action-comedy, like if Paul Feig made a sequel to Spy, perhaps? Louis Leterrier, the director behind Statham’s Transporter films, helmed the Super Bowl ad, which is part of a series for The company’s CMO, Omer Shai, teased more “famous faces” in additional ads, which will debut online between now and game day:

We are so excited about this campaign because this time we are telling our own story, and launching it ourselves online which we believe to be an industry first. Fans around the world will surely recognize some famous faces, but the hero of the story is really our customer. The Super Bowl is an amazing platform to showcase our talents, but this campaign is about much more than the commercial. It is an ongoing narrative about Wix and our customers, and our message about always enabling our users in a world that is often disruptive so that they can be heroes. We loved working with Louis as he immediately understood our ideas about choreographed chaos and messages that speak to a global audience.

Super Bowl 51 will air on FOX on Sunday, February 5.

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