West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department is in need of more funding.

According to NewsWest 9, volunteers approached the Ector County Commissioners Court to convince the commissioners that the volunteer fire department is worth the investment.

The unit will have to close if it doesn't get much needed funding.

“Every month we have about $5,000 worth of bills going out and we only have $3,500 coming in,” said Richard Frederick, WOVFU assistant chief treasurer.

The department had accusations of stealing by the past two administrators which has them close to $100,000 in debt.

"The last two administrations we had to remove for illegal activities so this third group that comes in you know they knew what they were up against," said Eddy Shelton, Ector County Commissioners for Precinct 1.

The funding will help them to focus on the next subject which is to reinstate the confidence of the public.

Shelton suggested to the commissioner's court to help the WOVFD, so the court asked the volunteers to put together a budget plan for the court to finalize in July 2020.

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