One of my dreams is to one day come across an old garage with a classic muscle car that's been locked away for safe-keeping, then forgotten. Looks like someone's dream just came true!

Photo by Ron Gilligan Auctioneering

Under a layer of dust sat an immaculate 1969 Shelby GT500:

'Larry Brown, a resident of Centre Hall, Pa., passed away on his birthday during the latter part of last year, leaving behind a trove of fascinating items. With no wife or children to inherit his estate, the entire collection — his house, TVs, snow blowers, motorbikes and of course cars — are heading to auction, with the Mustang the star attraction. Brown purchased the car on May 9, 1969, for $5,245.97. The last recorded warranty work occurred in September that year, when Brown had the door glass adjusted. At that time, the registered mileage was 1,665. By 1973, Brown had stopped driving the car altogether, storing it in his garage with just 8,531 miles on the clock.' - Yahoo News


Photo by Ron Gilligan Auctioneering

This snake features a larger, 428-cubic-inch Cobra Jet engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission, which has only run 8,500 miles in total. The spark plugs, belts, fan, and hoses are all original. The only items that are not from 1968 are the tires. (Cue Tim Allen's Ape-Voice of Awe)

The car will be auctioned off by Ron Gilligan Auctioneering on April 25th. Also going up on the block: A 1971 Ford Ranchero, a 1974 Ford Econoline Custom 100 and other perfectly maintained vehicles from the estate.