Black Monday in the NFL is in full swing with firings after the regular season finale for all teams this past weekend.

Less than one year after the Arizona Cardinals gave Kliff Kingsbury an extension on his contract, Kingsbury is out as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals with Steve Keim stepping down as General Manager.

So not only is Arizona looking for a new head coach, they will also be looking for a new GM.

Kliff Kingsbury was not having any fun this season which was apparent after having a sideline fight earlier this season with Kyler Murray, the quarterback he helped draft because they had a history together and could take him to the next level.

This was a couple of seasons after the mistake of drafting Josh Rosen #10 in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Kingsbury had a couple of seasons that it looked like they would be contenders for a deep run in the playoffs only to have a late-season collapse.

Kingsbury finished his career in Arizona with a 28-37-1 record and one post-season appearance in his four years as head coach.

This is his second firing as a head coach, the first being his alma mater Texas Tech after the same type of run of four losing seasons and only one post-season appearance in the Big 12.

It was a unique situation with Kingsbury since he got hired as the head coach of an NFL team immediately after being fired from losing four consecutive seasons as a college coach, THAT was a head-scratcher for many sports reporters.




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