The former President and former Governor of Texas, George W. Bush, gives his take on Matthew McConaughey's possible run for Texas Governor.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Bush did not give an answer to the question of whether he would vote for McConaughey or not but he did comment on his continued talk about running.

While he was being interviewed on his daughter's show "Today with Hoda & Jenna," Hoda Kotb asked Bush if he thought McConaughey had a shot at winning.

"I have no idea, I just tell you this: It's a tough business," said Bush. "And that's okay, but the question is, are we able to set aside our partisan differences and solve problems?"

McConaughey has been entertaining the idea of a run for Texas Governor for the past few months and a recent poll from the Dallas Morning News along with a poll from the University of Texas at Tyler both show McConaughey with a double digit lead over Governor Greg Abbott in a hypothetical election.

The poll found 45% of voters would vote for McConaughey to 33% who would vote for Abbott.

McConaughey has said he is neither Republican or Democrat and sees himself more as a moderate and has avoided most questions of which political affiliation he would run in.

Former President and former Governor of Texas George W. Bush is still being closed lipped on whether or not he would vote for McConaughey to take over the Texas governor's mansion he once occupied in the 90's.

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