If you're looking for a weekend destination, try the Gage Hotel in Marathon.

My wife and I love to take a weekend trip to the Gage Hotel located near Big Bend National Park in Marathon, Texas. It's only a few hours drive, in a beautiful part of the country, it's isolated and is relatively inexpensive.

Photo by Spencer

For the ghost hunters, there's even a rumor that one of the rooms is haunted. Though I've never seen the ghost, I have had other visitors tell me that strange things happen to them when they stayed in the room.

Alfred Gage came to Texas from Vermont in 1878, his enthusiasm for Texas fueled by a vast land that offered the opportunity to make his fortune as a rancher, banker and businessman. In 1927, Gage commissioned El Paso architects Trost and Trost to design The Gage as a hotel and ranch headquarters for his 500,000-acre ranch. Sadly, Gage died in 1928, only one year after construction was completed.

In 1978, J.P. Bryan and his wife, Mary Jon, bought the building and returned The Gage Hotel to its turn-of-the-century trans-Pecos glory, melding the region’s rich ranching heritage of Mexican, Spanish and Native American cultures. The Gage Hotel has served up West Texas hospitality with big-city service ever since. - Gage Hotel

Photo by Spencer

So if you're looking for a great little getaway for the weekend, you can't beat the Gage hotel in Marathon.