Who remembers? On this Flashback Friday I had to take a trip down memory lane to my highschool days. Who has fond memories of your school locker? I remember when I first found out that my kids didn't use lockers anymore I was devastated. What? No locker? That's blasphemous! It's a rite of passage into your teen years. lol

One of my favorite things starting a new school year was getting my locker number and combination. If you remember they would give you this on the 1st day, then you would have to go hunt down where it was and start looking around to see who is close by? Did you get a locker near your crush? Was your bestie within a safe distance so you could get to lunch together as quickly as possible, or walk to the classes you had together?

Or better yet, deciding if you were going to share your boyfriend/girlfriend's locker, or were they going to 'move in' to yours? I remember mine was always a mess. Papers, books, notebooks and pencils would fall out everytime I opened it. But it was all part of the fun of having your own locker.

You could tape up love notes from your first love, display their football picture, or guys your pic of your head cheerleader girlfriend. And then there was always that one friend who could draw really well and would make you the coolest looking rose or drawing and that had to be shown-off too.

Kids these days don't get to use a locker and that makes me sad. None of my kids ever got to know the fun of having one. What are some of your 'locker memories?'

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