If you’re planning on attending the forthcoming Women’s March on Washington on January 21 — or any of its 600+ sister protests taking place across the country -- but are still unsure as to which anti-Donald Trump chant to fall back on throughout the course of the day, consider Fiona Apple’s short but effective rallying cry, “Tiny Hands.”

The Extraordinary Machine singer released the searing (and oddly infectious) minute-long clip yesterday (January 17) in conjunction with composer Michael Whalen. The chant — which features a brief piano sample along with an audio clip from Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape — reads as follows: “We don’t want your tiny hands / Anywhere near our underpants.”

Apple made her stance on the president-elect clear last month, when she released a reworking of the classic Nat King Cole track "The Christmas Song," featuring clever anti-Trump lyrics entitled “The Christmas Song (Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire)." She even performed the track live at a Standing Rock benefit concert, which she ended with an impassioned, "F---k you, Donald Trump!"

The Women’s March on Washington takes place in D.C. on January 21, one day after Trump’s inauguration and will reportedly be attended by over 200,000 people — including Katy Perry, Cher, Amy Schumer, America Ferrera and more.

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