For most people, the decision to make a sequel to 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey is probably the punchline to a bad joke. But have you actually stopped and looked at the box office numbers for Fifty Shades of Grey recently? We’re not talking about $100 million at the global box office; we’re not even talking about $200 million. We’re talking about $571 million worldwide, more than Mad Max: Fury Road and Creed combined and the eleventh highest-grossing movie of the year. With those kind of numbers, you pretty much have to make a sequel. I certainly don’t blame them.

And this latest clip (via shows off the latest sexy adventures of everyone’s favorite kinky couple. Granted, I may lean a bit more towards the internet theory that the two actors not-so-secretly hate each other, but Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are both incredibly talented actors who are just getting their feet underneath them in the industry. Maybe Fifty Shades Darker isn’t a movie they’ll want on their Academy Awards memorial reel, but hey: Sylvester Stallone started his career in softcore adult movies, and Dornan and Johnson are only in a movie that pretends to be a softcore adult movie. Collect your paycheck and call it a day, folks.

Here’s the plot synopsis for Fifty Shades Darker:

When a wounded Christian Grey tried to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.

In addition to its returning stars, the sequel will also feature Max Martini, Kim Basinger, and Marcia Gay Harden. The film opens everywhere on February 10, 2017.

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