Last weekend, I was out on location when a listener came up to me and shared something incredible. 

He stopped by to say hello, and despite having met him before, I didn't recognize him. He kindly re-introduced himself, and then thanked me.

I had no idea what he was referring to, then got a huge smile on his face, and proceeded to stretch his jeans out to show me how roomy that they had become.

He went on to tell me that he and his wife had been inspired by my blog post to eat healthier, and that they had both dropped lots of weight and inches, and that they were feeling better.

I almost started crying. I was so grateful that I had such a positive affect on them. My intention in sharing my journey, was hopeful that it would inspire someone else to make a health change as well.

Everyone is different, and you know when the right time is to get started for you. I'm just so thankful that Michael took the time to share, and happy for he and wife on their new journey!

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