Rain is something we do not take for granted here in Midland/Odessa, with over 250 days of sunshine a year and temperatures in the summer regularly getting into triple digits, we welcome the wet stuff falling on our heads at any time.

So if it seemed like there was a lot more rain in August than those of us who have lived here all our lives had ever seen, well it was not the wettest August we have ever seen, but the National Weather Service in Midland did put it in the top 5.

Here is what the National Weather Service Tweeted:

Now, of course, the measurements are taken at the airport so you probably saw some more rain in your part of Midland or Odessa probably anywhere between four to seven inches of rain depending on how hard your neighborhood got hit.

But once again, no one in their right mind that has lived in Midland/Odessa most or all of their lives are not going to complain about any amount of rainfall, unless that rainfall did take your house out for a little spin off of its foundation.




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