With more businesses and employers requiring proof of vaccination, now there are reports that fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are popping up.

According to CBS 7, the FBI is warning people that making or buying fake vaccination cards could get you thrown in jail.

“We want to stress, don’t break the law based off of the decision that you made and having to try to conform with the mandates that are out there,” said Jeanette Harper, Special Agent for the FBI.

The FBI is reporting an increase in fake vaccine cards and negative COVID-19 tests are being purchased online as mandates are being put in motion.

Special Agent Harper warns that false documents are also being made available on eBay and Shopify.

She says for people requiring vaccine cards to look for indications that the card is false like being fully printed instead of handwritten.

"[Look for] the dates on the card, just to check to see if the dates coincide with when those vaccines were approved by the CDC.”

If you have lost your vaccination card, just go to your doctor or local health department to get a replacement card.

FBI officials warn that buying, selling, or creating counterfeit cards is a criminal offense.

“If you’re printing out fake vaccination cards, you have the government misuse of the CDC seal or the HHS seal on the vaccination cards. Just one count of that on an individual can face up to five years in federal prison and up to $5000 in a fine,” said Special Agent Harper.

Fake cards have already shown up in the Midland/Odessa area.

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