On Wednesday (June 22), ARMYs and other K-pop fans reacted to a statement made by the chairwoman of the Korea Singers Association toward BTS.

The chairwoman apparently requested that BTS "reconsider" their indefinite break from group activities to focus more on solo work, citing the decline of the "Hallyu flow."

"Since it's not easy to expect next BTS or Beatles, I'm afraid that the Hallyu flow would be cut," Korea Singers Association chairwoman Lee Jayeon reportedly said.

Hallyu is a Chinese term that refers to the "Korean Wave," as in music, movies, television and more. In this instance, the conversation encompasses South Korea's economy and the impact that BTS have had culturally and economically.

"I know it's a decision made after a lot of consideration, but I do wish they would reconsider," the chairwoman continued. "If BTS disappears, then the Hallyu missionaries ARMY also disappear."

Despite her statement, the members of BTS have made no moves to quit music or their other endeavors, as emphasized by multiple members including RM, V, Jungkook, and Jimin.

After media fervor and mis-translations incited a panic about a "hiatus" and "disbandment," the members set the record straight by clarifying that they are simply taking a step back to focus on rejuvenating themselves creatively and diving into solo work.They have no plans for disbandment and will still be filming and releasing their variety show Run BTS.

The move is an important step for the group to take and serves as a reminder to other artists worldwide that burnout happens to everyone and it's important for artists to put their mental health first.

Naturally, however, the chairwoman's statement caused a slew of fan reactions from ARMYs and other fandoms. ARMYs called for more respect for artists' mental health, while others defended older groups' impact on Korean culture.

Check out some reactions, below:

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