It’s been almost two years since word broke that Amazon Studios was developing a television series based on Fallout, the hugely popular video game series that’s remained one of the gaming’s biggest hits for decades. The first Fallout debuted in 1997 and three more sequels have followed, along with numerous spinoffs — most recently with 2018’s Fallout 76. The games imagine an alternate history of America following World War II, building to an all-out nuclear war in the late 2000s, setting the stage for the post-apocalyptic setting of the games.

After the years of development, the show looks ready to begin production later in 2022. Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner are the showrunners of the series, which is produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films. (Nolan is expected to direct the series premiere.)

Per Deadline, the first member of the cast has been found. Walton Goggins, a stalwart TV veteran of shows like JustifiedSons of Anarchy, and Vice Principals, will be one of the show’s leads. They don’t have many details on his character, beyond this: “[Goggins] is believed to be playing a Ghoul. In Fallout, ghouls are mutated humans who experienced prolong radiation exposure amid the Great War.”

Sure, that sounds like a Walton Goggins character.

While television series based on video games have mostly been limited to animated series until recently, lavish, live-action adaptations of popular games are currently hot commodities among cable channels and streaming services. Netflix has turned The Witcher into a multi-show franchise, and Paramount+ is about to debut their long-in-development Halo show. HBO is in the middle of production on a The Last of Us series, and Netflix has its own Resident Evil adaptation. We’ll see how Fallout fares with all of them — and whether it can live up to the reputation of the beloved games.

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