In the end, I'm guessing someone left their Facebook page open at work and got sabotaged by a co-worker.  I've seen it a dozen times.  There's also the slim possibility that it's real, and THAT is unreal.

Sensitive eyes need look no further, because the process for finding the father of your future child(ren) has officially hit rock bottom.  Sure, Craigslist has brought us timeless classics like babies being offered for sale and Facebook users in Houston have been testing the baby-selling waters, but surely this can't be real.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe a mother/father relationship is as important as the livestock used as dowry to arrange the marriage.  OK, so maybe I'm not that old-fashioned, but Facebook should be reserved exclusively for showing other parents how great your children are and posting vague cries for help and/or revenge.

Let's just spare a little sliver of hope for the future of mankind and say this is just a clever hacker having some fun, but just in case it's not feel free to contact me if you meet the specific criteria and I'll pass your info along.  The best part is, should a child come out of this he/she will be able to look back at every sick step of the way as it's chronicled on SOCIAL media for all to see.

Allow this online swap-meet baby-daddy search to remind us all of the importance to post offers of babies for sale, sperm desired or offers of sexual favors in exchange for landscaping work in a place no one will see it (MySpace) or in a place it won't be seen forever (Snap Chat).  Your granny even sees your Facebook posts.  My goodness.