ERCOT held a urgent meeting explaining the issues that caused the power outages last week during the winter storm.

According to NewsWest 9, in the meeting they also discussed and made official the six members of the ERCOT board that resigned.

"This was a devastating event for those of us who make our way in the power industry. Especially devastating because I think the people who work for all the various companies whatever segment they're in and the electric industry understand that power is essential to civilization, is essential to our ability to live our every day lives in the modern world," said ERCOT CEO Bill Magness.

The reason it was difficult to keep power on was because they were not able to pull energy in from other regions.

"I think the challenge we had here was that while there were some transfers into ERCOT from the southwest power pole, for example, they were experiencing similar weather. At one point they went into rotating outages in their region so there really wasn’t much to be called upon," Magness said.

State leaders are going to take a deeper look into what happened and make sure they put measures in place to prevent such a mass outage from happening again.

There is a Texas Legislature hearing scheduled on February 25, 2021 at 9:00am to take an in depth look into some of the issues.

You can watch the hearing live on the Texas House of Representatives website.

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