Did you know that if you get something in the mail that you didn't order, you can keep it? This could also mean you've been hacked so, keep reading.

It's only a few days until Christmas so many people are getting packages delivered left and right as the big day approaches.

Some of those packages may be empty though and here is why.

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We all got hip to the "your package can't be delivered so click this link to get it on time" bit so now thieves have a new one. They actually send you a package but it will, most likely, be empty.

This is a pretty well thought out scam known as "brushing" and, if you get an empty package, it could mean your info from places like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc has been compromised.

Step one, contact your online retailers and see if anything has been ordered that you are unaware of and then change all your passwords once you know things are cool.

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What's the point?

Once these jerks have your info, even simple things like name and address, they send you crap and/or empty letters or packages. Thus creating a mailing list of customers that looks authentic.

This allows them to set up fake storefronts which legit businesses might unintentionally support or promote and others may give their personal info to, thinking they're real.

It sounds crazy but Twitter is loaded with "empty package" tweets. The USPS even produced a video to get the word out.

On the upside, if you receive unsolicited merchandise, you can keep it.  The downside is how scary it would be for crooks to have your account/credit card info.

If you get something you didn't ask for, empty or not, follow the USPS advice.

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