New England is home to many bridges that are photo-worthy and perfect for the gram (Instagram), as some may say.

However, there is one bridge in Stowe, Vermont that I don't dare go to. Well, at least until I work up enough courage.

Gold Brook Covered Bridge, otherwise known as Emily's Bridge, may look like any other covered bridge in New England. But, it has a dark history.

According to Atlas Obscura, the bridge was built in 1844 and is a 50 foot long one-way bridge.

There is a dark and honestly sad story that took place here.

The story, according to Atlas Obscura, is that a woman named Emily got her heart broken. Emily supposedly went to the bridge to meet her lover to run away and elope.

Well, guess what? It did not go as planned.

You guessed it: her lover never showed up and left Emily heartbroken, according to Atlas Obscura.

Instead of going to look for him, Emily chose a path that she must have deemed easier.

According to New England With Love, Emily took her own life by the rafters on the bridge.

If you are up for a paranormal experience, this may be the place to visit. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Mid Vermont Paranormal was able to catch some pictures of what looks like an orb while investigating Emily's Bridge.

I'd be okay possibly seeing an orb. However, it seems that there many different types of paranormal occurrences on this bridge.

New England With Love claims that visitors have witnessed some paranormal activity, and I can tell you right now, this is something that would have me freaking out.

There have been claims of long scratches randomly appearing on cars that have dared to cross the bridge, as well as scratches on individuals that chose to walk across.

Now, why Emily would be there haunting and scratching people, I do not understand. Maybe her lover was into that and she's trying to find him again, but that's my own theory.

According to Vermont History, visitors have also seen lights, apparitions, and heard sounds.

Vermont History goes on to mention that the story of Emily started to come up in the late 1960s and early '70s.

However, there seem to be a couple of different variations on how Emily's Bridge came to be.

There may even be more than one ghost lurking around Emily's bridge.

I think I'm okay skipping out on this haunted bridge, at least until I really work up enough courage and am wearing layers to protect myself from any possible scratches.

This is only one of the haunted bridges that can be found in New England.

There is supposedly another woman haunting a bridge in Millinocket, Maine.

I guess we can say that New England is a place filled with bridges, and you never know what experience you will have if you cross one.

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