Disney is so pleased with their new Mary Poppins that they’re keeping her all to themselves. Emily Blunt will stick around the studio for a bit longer to star opposite Dwayne Johnson in the studio’s upcoming Jungle Cruise movie, inspired by the theme park ride.

According to Variety, Blunt will be the Katherine Hepburn to Johnson’s Humphrey Bogart, sorta. The project is said to be inspired by John Huston's 1951 film The African Queen, about a drunkard captain and a prim British woman who travel down the Ulanga River. The design of the Disney ride was actually inspired by the film, so the connection makes sense. Earlier reports suggested the new film will be a period piece set in the 1920s.

The rest of the plot remains unknown though – I mean, it’s not like the ride itself, with its now super-dated animatronics and a premise of merely staring at things, has much to offer narratively. But when I think of the Jungle Cruise ride, besides standing in line in the sweltering summer heat, I think of the big bubbly personalities of the tour guides, and Blunt and Johnson definitely have those. They’ve got enough charisma and badassery to woo anyone into the theater, and together? They’ve gotta be a delight.

The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra will helm the film from a script rewritten by Logan (and Oscar-nominated) screenwriter Michael Green. The project is being looked at as a potential franchise starter along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean, and if Disney could make at least five films (three of which are good, by the way) out of that ride, then Jungle Cruise could be the start of some great new characters. At least, one hopes. Whatever happens, I’m totally down to see Blunt and Johnson bicker and fight their way through a treacherous jungle.

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