Ellie Goulding, who contributed three tracks to the 'Divergent' soundtrack, including 'Beating Heart' which was penned specifically for the film, may have gotten a 'Divergent' tattoo. Or it could be faux. Either way, we're wowed!

In the selfie posted below, British beauty Goulding has her golden hair in what she calls plaits (aka braids) and boasts mega curled lashes.

But take a look at her collarbone.

There are three black birds, the same tattoo that the book and film heroine Tris gets to honor her family members when she leaves and joins the Dauntless faction.

Ellie's ink could be a temporary tribute or it could be permanent. We can't tell.

Director Neil Burger even called Goulding "the inner voice of heroine Tris," so this feels like a fitting homage, even if it isn't real. Goulding will forever be connected to the film franchise via her music. Why not mark the occasion with a tattoo?

Inner voice, outer ink, maybe?

If it is real, it's a commitment. If it's not, it's cool for now.

See the image below and let us know what you guys think of this possible inking.