A SWAT team was called to actor Eddie Kaye Thomas' home after a one-night stand took a very bad turn and Thomas (who played Finch in the 'American Pie' movie franchise) was threatened with a knife.

On the plus side, at least it got crazy afterwards.

Thomas escaped his home on Wednesday night, April 17, called 911 and said a woman in his crib threatened to kill him with a knife. She barricade herself inside but police later took her into custody and she was booked with felony vandalism. (We'll get to that in a minute.)

TMZ has learned that Thomas had known this chick for less than 24 hours, having met her the night before. He took her home with him, but everything went awry the next afternoon when they got into a fight and she pulled a knife on him. As unhinged hookups are wont to do.

Before she was removed from his home with tear gas (!!!), the unidentified woman totally trashed Eddie's house. And there's your vandalism charge.

We hope he's learned his lesson here. Everyone knows you should never let your overnight guests stay past noon.