Ector County Commissioners are now discussing how to use the American Rescue Plan Act money to help with COVID-19 cases spiking.

According to CBS 7, commissioners got input from different groups on how the money could best be used for help with the COVID-19 spike.

Medical Center Hospital is wanting $7 million for equipment and staff, and the county is asking for money to be put into infrastructure issues such as roads and water.

Greg Simmons, Ector County Commissioner Pct. 2, said they will compile a list.

“We want to prioritize and make sure that most people are affected positively with the money,” said Simmons. "Again, healthcare is a vital part of our community and we want to make sure the hospitals do have the resources that they need, but they also have different sources available too, so we can’t let that be our only focus because there are other areas like water in different areas of town that’s been coming a crisis mode.”

Simmons said the process will take about 90 days to figure out where the funds can be used for the most benefits from the funds.

County commissioners have at least one year to decide where to use the funding so there is still time to figure out the best plan of attack.

The one thing we can all do is get the vaccine including the booster shots that are now being required so we can get this virus in check and rid ourselves of it for good.

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