Ector County Independent School District passed a resolution to require students and faculty to wear masks, but it will not be finalized until a decision is made by the Texas Supreme Court.

According to CBS 7, the requirement for masks will go into effect once it has been decided that it is legally and medically appropriate.

Citizens spoke openly both for and against the resolution at the school board meeting:

“There is an agenda to implement socialism in our nation,” Jennifer Woodall said. “To me, this is just one step towards that, and I just can’t stand for it.”

“If a universal masking policy is not passed, the repercussions will inevitably impact instruction for students and teachers, and parents will miss work,” said a retired ECISD teacher.

“Never, in a million years did I think I was going to have to a policy that affects my child’s breathing and compromises his lungs, compromise the oxygen that goes to their brain,” said one mother, who was joined at the podium by her two children.

Medical experts also spoke:

“I’ll tell you that most shifts begin with crying, and most shifts end with crying,” said Christin Timmons, Medical Center Hospital Chief Nursing Officer. “There is no room left. There is no room left in the inn... I really feel like we’re one patient away from disaster.”

But the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of Governor Abbott's executive order banning school districts from requiring masks which surprised the ECISD school board.

“Blindsided and surprised, both,” said Superintendent Scott Muri. “Again, our intent was to implement the policy for faculty tomorrow and students Monday.”

Now the district will have to wait until a final decision is made.

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