If you have noticed you can't get on certain places on Loop 250, that just means the reconstruction of the on and off-ramps of Loop 250 is in full swing.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the phase of switching the ramps on Loop 250 and Hwy 191 has begun.

The exit ramp for Wadley is closed so if you are traveling north on Loop 250 and want to exit on the Wadley/Holiday Hill Rd./Tremont, you will have to take the Hwy 191 exit and go through the light on the service road of Loop 250 at Hwy 191 and continue through the light to get to Wadley.

Same if you want to get on Loop 250 from Wadley, you will have to stay on the south service road through the light and get on Loop 250 in front of H-E-B.

The exit ramp for Hwy 191 on southbound Loop 250 between Hwy 191 and Wadley will remain open during this phase as well as the entrance ramp to Loop 250 northbound between Hwy 191 and Wadley also.

This phase will take several months until the new ramps are built so those closures will remain in place.

This is called "ramp reversal" and it will also be going on Hwy 191 between Loop 250 and Avalon/Hwy 158. This means where the on-ramps are will now become the off-ramps and vice versa.

This is all to prevent the backup on the service roads at the traffic lights from flowing onto the main lanes of the highways.

This will also include the intersection on the service roads at Avalon and Hwy 191 will also be getting a facelift.

The total project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

So get ready to be frustrated at least until Christmas 2023 when Midland will get the Christmas present of an interchange at 191 and Loop 250 being done the way it should have been done when it was built back in the early 90s.

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