New additions to downtown like Centennial Park, the Micro-Market, and new restaurants and bars have changed the old downtown to a thriving area of the city.

According to NewsWest 9, city council is working with the creators of the Lo Street Micro-Market to make an entertainment district downtown.

“This is the new normal, we are seeing young people, millennials, entrepreneurs, step up and make this a really exciting place to live and do things so we can just enjoy the community,” said Jack Ladd, Midland City Council, District 3.

The idea for an entertainment district is nothing new, Midland City Council has been trying to get something like that together for the past 40 years, and Midland mayor Patrick Payton says the idea is not difficult.

"It’s something very simple," said Payton. "We can draw the perimeters of downtown, it will be an entertainment district much like the West End in Dallas or downtown Fort Worth. And in addition to that, there will be a cultural district and an art district, it is going to be a great opportunity.”

Co-creator of the Lo Street Micro-Market, Lauren Johnson said that this past weekend they had over 80 vendors and made over $200,000 which makes it a great opportunity for other entrepreneurs.

“We have had nothing but amazing feedback from the council and from the mayor," said Johnston. "It’s been really exciting to see Midland wanting what we are doing, it’s very encouraging.”

Mayor Patrick Payton says they are in the process of finalizing the location of an entertainment district with the state and expects the district will be up and running by the end of summer.

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