People aren’t the only ones who can be money hungry.

A dog in New York City somehow managed to eat 111 pennies.

Jack, a 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, ate the currency which he found in the home of his New York City owner.

His owner promptly rushed Jack to the vet, where X-rays revealed a whole lotta Lincolns shacking up in his tummy.


A doctor took all of the coins out, five at a time. Obviously, chowing down on change isn’t a good idea for anyone, but it poses a particular risk for pooches. Pennies minted after 1982 are made of zinc, which is toxic to pets and can destroy their kidney, liver and red blood cells. In fact, the doctor who supervised Jack’s procedure said the situation “would have been fatal” had the pennies not been taken out immediately.

Fortunately for Jack, he’s expected to be just fine.

As for the $1.11 in pennies that was removed, we can only assume it’ll go towards the vet bill.