A TikToker was recently horrified to find out that her dog walker accidentally overheard her and her husband getting intimate at home when the walker came over to take their dog out for a walk.

The anonymous woman recounted the incident in a TikTok video. The clip has since been removed, but not before it went viral.

According to The Mirror, the woman posted a TikTok video explaining how she realized she and her husband's private time together in the bedroom was overheard when she received a photo of her dog Rosie out on a walk with her dog walker.

The woman read their text exchange out loud for viewers.

"Wait... When did you take Rosie? I didn't even notice," the woman's text read.

"That's because you were busy [at] 9AM," the dog walker responded.

"So, so sorry," the embarrassed dog owner replied, implying it had been around the time she and her husband were busy in the bedroom.

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The considerate dog walker eased the woman's mind. "Don't worry about it, I'm only jealous because I don't get owt [British slang for "anything"]," the walker texted back, adding three laughing emojis.

"I did shout but sounded like you were having too much fun," the dog walker continued in her next message.

The mortified pet parent had no idea that the dog walker was coming over that morning.

"I was upstairs with my boyfriend enjoying the fact that we had nobody in the house. So, we were being as loud as we could. I forgot she was coming round," she said in her TikTok video.

"How am I going to look her in the eye again?" she concluded.

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