Former Disney star Jake T. Austin, who played Max Russo on Selena Gomez's 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' was possibly involved in a hit-and-run this morning in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The one thing we do know for sure, at press time, is that a car registered to the teen actor, born Jake Szymanski, was the culprit. So where there's smoke...

It was no ordinary accident, either. There were four (!!!) cars involved, and the offending vehicle, a 2010 Audi, had N.Y. plates.

According to TMZ, the Audi smashed into not one, not two, but three parked cars at 3AM this morning (Nov. 19). One of the occupants of the vehicle reportedly tossed a bottle of Ciroc -- that's liquor, and more specifically, it's vodka endorsed by Diddy -- out the window at a nearby property.

A witness said the driver and passengers called a car service to retrieve them before cops arrived. Sneaky! The cars, which were parked on the street, were majorly damaged by the Audi.

What's not known is if it was Austin who was behind the wheel and operating the Audi at the time of the accident. If he was, he's in a world of trouble. If he wasn't, well, he'll still be in trouble since the car is his responsibility.

However, a witness said that one of the perps was a young, white male with dark hair who acted drunk. If it was indeed Austin, and it sounds like it may very well have been, well, he's only 18. Again, more trouble.

The accident is being treated as a hit-and-run and is under investigation.