Food tutorial videos have become an art film in and of themselves, with websites like Tastemade and Buzzfeed Tasty churning out cute, quick, infinitely watchable short videos around a minute long that combine recipes with cooking tutorials — and they all look delicious. They’re such a popular thing that David Ma launched his own YouTube channel this week, where he posts food tutorial videos as if they were made by all of today’s most popular directors.

What if Wes Anderson made s’mores? What if Alfonso Cuaron made pancakes? posits this series, and each of the four videos is a delight. Anderson’s in particular reminds me of the actual recipe tutorial for courtesan au chocolat he made right before The Grand Budapest Hotel opened in theaters.

Each of these directors has a recognizable style ripe for parody (I’m sure there are plenty of other Wes Anderson-inspired recipe tutorials out there). Even the Michael Bay one features explosions, Transformers sound effects, and that eye-watering intense teal-orange color grading he has in every one of his films.

It makes me wonder what other directors could have made videos like these. Andrei Tarkovsky’s Beef Stroganoff, intercut with old polaroids of his grandmother. David Lynch’s Cherry Pie, except the whole video is played backwards. Werner Herzog’s Strawberry Crepes: “The crack of an egg opening into the bowl is not a crack — it is a scream. Whisk softly to combine the suffering of all the ingredients.”

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