The little 'Star Wars' robot, R2-D2, made a cameo in J.J. Abrams' 2009 'Star Trek' reboot. So naturally, everyone was curious if he'd pop up again in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. He did.

R2 appears about an hour and 17 minutes into the movie, when another ship fires on the Enterprise. R2 appears to get sucked out into space with other members of the crew. (Check out a picture here. As you probably know, J.J. is doing the upcoming "Star Wars" movie.) If you are wondering what other crossovers are possible now that J.J. is running both franchises? Rumor is that Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek's 'Kahn', will be in the new Star Wars '7'.

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Here's R2D2's first cameo in the 'Star Trek' reboot in 2009: