Yesterday, I received a text from Jaime "Pinky" Arrieta, a longtime listener to 600 ESPN El Paso and SportsTalk. He explained that his brother Leo had purchased a baseball cap for him, but it did not fit properly. The cap is the Midland RockHounds official road look, which is best described as a hat UTEP fans would love to wear.

From the color scheme to the design, everything about this cap screams UTEP Miners. Unfortunately for them, the RockHounds came up with the design and the Oakland A's Double-A affiliate in the Texas League are proudly wearing the orange and blue cap during the 2022 season.

I was not even aware of this design until a few weeks ago when another listener tweeted it out to us during SportsTalk. I was immediately taken by the cap because it seemed like something that best fit UTEP and the RockHounds. Some people were curious how they could get their hands on the cap. Unless you live in Midland, the easiest way is to order it online from the RockHounds Team Store.

I have a weird feeling that we could see lots of them around El Paso in the near future. The better question is whether or not UTEP will try and replicate the design with the Franklin Mountains in the background instead of the state of Texas. The university just launched their 915 campaign, and special 915 caps were released last week at the Chihuahuas Team Shop.

If UTEP does decide to do something similar to the RockHounds, it could be a while before we see the finished product.

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