Demi Lovato wants everyone to know that it's okay not to be okay all the time.

The pop star and mental health advocate caught up with PopCrush Nights hosts Kayla Thomas and Matt Ryan, where she opened up about "OK Not To Be OK," her new collaboration with Marshmello, and the power of speaking up.

"It's an anthem for [the] unprecedented times that we're in right now, where there's civil unrest; a global pandemic is happening; and people are losing their lives and loved ones every single day," the performer shared of the timely message behind her new single.

"It's just a reminder — that hopefully will get stuck in people's heads right now — that it's okay not to be okay," she added.

Lovato also stressed the importance of knowing you're not alone in your struggle.

"I've dealt with depression and anxiety for a large portion of my life. There's so many people who are dealing with it for the first time. My message to them and my message to anyone dealing with heightened anxiety or depression is just [to remember] that nobody has been through this before. These are really, really weird times. It's okay not to be okay. You're not alone."

As for those aforementioned "really, really weird" times, Lovato admitted that she feels grateful the song came about during a necessary time, socially and politically speaking.

"I'm so grateful the song came to fruition this summer," she shared, revealing she and Marshmello worked on the track remotely. "We've never needed a more positive anthem in our lives. I've always taken the approach of telling my story and being an advocate for mental health through my journey, but this year I realized that given the unrest in our country, silence equals violence. We have to speak up, we have to do the right thing."

"There's a bigger picture at work here and I need to contribute to that, so the music I'm making right now ... is serving such a bigger purpose because it's really needed right now," the singer continued.

Watch the full PopCrush Nights interview with Demi Lovato, below.

Watch Marshmello and Demi Lovato's music video for "OK Not To Be OK," below.

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